19th November
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1924 Thomas Ince: Did He Die Of Natural Causes Or Was It Murder?

If it was murder then one of the most powerful men in the world was responsible, William Randolph Hearst...

But was this all just a simple heart attack, and the tabloid press made up a story for their readers?

There are still those who believe it is all a cover-up. Many books have been written on Ince's death.

The incident happened on a yacht party thrown by Hearst. Others on board included Charlie Chaplin and actress Marion Davies, however both Hearst and Chaplin apparently denied being on the boat when Ince had a heart attack. According to some conspiracy deniers, Ince disembarked the yacht at San Diego and went home to Los Angeles where he died 3 days later.

Rumors asserted that either Hearst had found Ince with Davies so he shot him (Hearst and Davies were long time partners) or that Hearst had accidentally shot Ince thinking he was Charlie Chaplin.

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