15th November
It was on this day...
1977 100 Millionth US-Built Ford

It was a 1978 Ford Fairmont four-door sedan. It was built at the Mahwah plant in New York.

It was on this day...
1956 'Love Me Tender', Elvis Presley's First Ever Film, Opens

It was first shown at the Paramount Theater in New York on this day. The movie cost $1 million, which it earned back in just three days.

Elvis's career would include 33 movies in all. The movies provided overseas audiences their only chance to see the King in action.

It was on this day...
1957 Nikita Khruschev, Leader of USSR, To USA: "Let's Have a Missile Firing Contest!!!"

It never happened, but was a sign of cold war paranoia that the US feared the USSR did actually have a superiority in the missile technology of the day.

The Soviets had recently launched Sputnik, a satellite, into orbit, something the USA had not at that point done.

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Other News
1859 Charles Dickens publishes the final installment of 'A Tale of Two Cities' in his circular 'All the Year Round'.
1876 The stock market ticker was introduced. Information about stock prices was printed on paper tape, which also was used to throw in the air in ticker tape parades.
1926 NBC radio network launches with a show featuring the latest bands of the day at various locations.

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