13th November
It was on this day...
1955 "Have You Packed Your Luggage Yourself?"

It was on this day that FBI agents searched the home of John Graham. They were investigating the suspicious crash of a United Airlines jet on November 1. The FBI found traces of dynamite near the hole of the crashed jet.

On the 10th of November the FBI had discovered that Graham had placed a gift, which he described as a jewelry tool kit, in his mother's luggage. His mother's name was Daisy King. Graham's wife told police this, Graham denied all knowledge.

Police had made the link when a newspaper clip with John Graham's name on it was found in Daisy's carry-on luggage.

Graham would later confess to making the bomb, which comprised 25 sticks of dynamite, a battery and a timer. He then withdrew his confession.

John Graham would be charged with murder. He was sent to the gas chamber.

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