12th November
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1980 Voyager 1 Sees Saturn Close Up

Planet Saturn is 950 million miles (1530 million km) away from Earth. The pictures, taken 77,000 miles (124,000 km) away, were as detailed as many of the scientists involved could ever have hoped for.

Scientists discovered that Saturn had around a hundred rings, and not the 6 as earth based astronomers had seen.

Three new moons were discovered, as was an atmosphere around Saturn's biggest moon, Titan. Titan is as big as Mercury, and scientists believe the conditions on it are similar to those on earth 4,000 million years ago.


The Voyager project was made possible by a once in a 175 year planetary alignment which used the gravitational pull of the planets to propel the probes on to other planets and moons...

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1799 Andrew Ellicott Douglass records the first ever meteor shower. He was on a boat off the Florida Keys.

1971 President Richard Nixon proclaims the end of the USA's fighting role in Vietnam, he withdraws 45,000 troops.

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