10th November
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1982 USSR: Has Brezhnev Died?

Leonid Brezhnev, 75, had been president of the USSR for twenty years. It is perhaps a sign of the paranoia during the cold war that his death was kept quiet while his successor was found.

The clues that the administration gave were pretty obvious. All light entertainment shows had been taken off state TV and replaced with somber documentaries about the Russian revolution and the Second World War. News readers were all in black and looked like someone had died, but still they didn't announce anything.

When Brezhnev failed to sign a public message of congratulation to Angola's president on Wednesday, Angola's national day, it seemed certain that it was he, and not another senior Russian Communist figure, who had died.

It was on this day...
1926 Another Savage Murder By 'Gorilla Man', Serial Killer

An example that grisly serial killings are not a new phenomenon: the Gorilla Man case from the 1920's...

On this day he murdered his 9th victim (of a possible 22).

Gorilla Man's real name was Earle Nelson.

He savagely killed his victims, mostly landladies, and then had sex with their dead bodies.

He would greet his victims at their doors, all 5ft 6in of him, holding a bible. One of his elderly landlady victims he strangled by the beads she wore round her neck, and then had sex with her body.

His number was up when he moved to Winnipeg in Canada, registering in a guest house as a Roger Wilson. A death of a local woman, not a landlady, bore similarities to his method of killing and police immediately started a house-to-house search of boardinghouses. They found a rotting corpse of a woman in a room once rented to a Roger Wilson.

Police arrested a man who met the description, in Killarney, Manitoba. Police asked him if he was the killer, he replied:

"I only do my lady-killing on Saturday nights."

He escaped from the police station but was apprehended when trying to flee the town by boarding a train.

He was convicted of the murder of Emily Patterson in Winnipeg.

He was hanged on January 12, 1928.

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1775 The Continental Congress of North America seeks to raise two battalions of Marines to act as landing forces for the recently formed Continental Navy. Thus the United States Marine Corps is born.

1871 "Mr Livingstone I presume". Sir Henry Morton meets missionary David Livingstone in Central Africa on this day.

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