31st May
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2005 Identity Of Watergate Informant 'Deep Throat' Is Revealed

Deep Throat was W. Mark Felt, who, at the time of Watergate, was assistant director of the FBI.

Felt had been angry at Nixon's failure to promote him after J. Edgar Hoover died, and at the speed of the investigation into Watergate.

The two reporters from The Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, ('Woodsetin') gained legendary status because of their investigation in which they proved that Nixon had conspired to cover up a bugging and intimidation campaign against his political opponents.

Woodstein had agreed to maintain Deep Throat's anonymity, and only ever consulted him on extremely important issues. After fears that his telephone was being tapped, Felt demanded that he meet Woodward in a parking garage at night, a scene played out in the memorable movie All the President's Men.

The announcement that Felt was Deep Throat appears to have surprised Woodstein. The announcement was made in an interview with Vanity Fair.

In 1973, the Washington Post won a Pulitzer Prize in public service for its coverage of the Watergate scandal.

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