23rd May
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1934 Bonnie And Clyde Are Shot Dead

It happened at Sailes, Louisiana, where officers from Texas and Louisiana laid an ambush. Police shot 187 bullets in a two minute attack, taking no chances in killing this 'most wanted' couple who were responsible for the deaths of 12 people, mostly lawmen.

Bonnie Parker had met Clyde Barrow when she was visiting her husband in prison. They struck up an immediate bond. She brought him a gun to help him escape. He escaped. Clyde was caught in Ohio. A personal appeal by his mother earned him a released in 1932.

Bonnie and Clyde started on their partnership after Clyde's release. Then Bonnie was sent to jail for stealing a car.

On her release, the two went on a robbery spree in Texas and Oklahoma. They picked up an associate in one gas station robbery (W.D. Jones, who joined them for 18 months). Clyde's brother, Buck, also joined them (he was killed in a shoot-out early in 1934).

Bonnie and Clyde became something of a media sensation, posing for photographs, and they even got nicknames: Bonnie was "Suicide Sal" and Clyde was "Texas Rattlesnake".

Today they are immortalized in the Hollywood movie starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

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