16th May
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1943 Jewish Uprising Against Nazi Germany Is Crushed

Warsaw, Poland: The Jewish resistance fell after 28 days of desperate fighting.

The 40,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto had been attacked by the Nazi's who were armed with artillery, flame-throwers, high explosive and incendiary bombs.

Himmler had ordered the ghetto's destruction and those remaining to be rounded up to concentration camps.

Jews fought the SS, police and Wehrmacht units with home-made explosives, rifles and small arms.

The Nazi's blocked drains which were used for escape, placed mines on the tops of buildings where they knew the resistance fighters were.

The Central Committee of Jewish Labour and the Jewish National Committee in Poland had sent a message on 28th April pleading for help.

Two excerpts from the message read:

"Men, women and children who are not burnt alive are murdered en masse."

"It is imperative that the powerful retaliation of the United Nations shall fall upon the bloodthirsty enemy immediately and not in some distant future, in a way which will make it quite clear what the retaliation is for."

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