14th May
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1948 Israel Proclaims It's Existence

The first Jewish state for 2000 years is declared at Tel Aviv Art Museum, by Jewish Agency Chairman, Ben-Gurion, who said:

"We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, to be called Israel."

Ben-Gurion would become the Israel's first prime minister.

That night Egypt launched an air assault.

It was on this day...
1796 First Vaccination Given

Gloucestershire, England: Edward Jenner administers the first ever vaccination to prevent disease. It was for Small pox, a disease that had killed millions.

The discovery of the vaccine occurred when Jenner observed that milk girls who had suffered the much less serious Cow Pox, didn't get Small Pox.

Taking his 8 year old (!) patient, James Phipps, Jenner scratched his skin with the fluid from a Cow Pox blister. The boy soon recovered from this. Phipps was then inoculated with Small Pox and he suffered no ill symptoms.

The discovery was quickly used by other doctors around the world.

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Other News

1955 The Warsaw Pact is signed after a 3 day conference in the Polish capital.

1973 America's first ever space station, Skylab, is launched into it's orbit of the Earth.

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