30th March
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1981 President Ronald Reagan Is Shot

Ronald Reagan, one of the oldest ever US presidents (69 years-old when he became president) had only been in the job for 69 days.

Six shots were fired by John W. Hinckley, Jr outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. Hinkley was apparently reenacting Taxi Driver in the belief that by shooting Reagan he would win the love of Jodie Foster (whom he was obsessed with). Other people injured were press secretary James Brady (shot in the head), police officer Thomas Delahanty, and Secret Service agent Timothy J. McCarthy.

Luckily for Reagan, the bullet missed his heart and failed to explode, but punctured a lung. He was rushed to the George Washington University Hospital where he made a full recovery.

Reagan would be remembered for his humor throughout the incident.

Hinkley was tried but was found not-guilty by reasons of insanity. He was sent to St. Elisabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, DC.

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