26th March
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1987 Inspiration For Buffallo Bill (from Silence of the Lambs) Case

On this day a 911 call to police led to a raid of the Philadelphia home of Gary Heidnik.

Police found a torture chamber in the basement of his dilapidated house. Two naked women were chained to the walls and one was stuck in a pit dug into the ground. Police had been called by a fourth victim (Josefina Rivera) who had managed to escape.

On the front of his house Heidnik had written "United Church of the Ministries of God," and he used this to avoid paying taxes because, as a bishop of his own church he didn't have to pay anything...

He was convicted of holding 6 women in his torture chamber. He raped and tortured them all. He killed one woman by putting her into the pit, filling it with water and then putting an electrical current through it.

He would cut up the dead victims and feed them to the others being held.

As part of his defense, Heidnik claimed that the women were already tied up in his basement when he moved in to the house.

He was convicted on 1st July 1988, receiving the death sentence. He was executed on 6th July 1999.

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