25th March
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1932 Supreme Court Decides On 'Scottsboro Case'

Powell v. Alabama: 9 young black men were accused of raping 2 white women on a train in Alabama.

It turned out that the two women who cried rape were actually prostitutes who lied about the charges. The 9 men were initially not even given lawyers until the very last minute, and the efforts of their defense team were risible. Those accused were quickly convicted and given the death sentence. There was an appeal.

The trial notes showed what a laughable trial it had been and the Supreme Court quashed the charges. However, the state of Alabama insisted on retrying the defendants.

Despite having the finest legal defense of its day (in the form of Samuel Liebowitz) the all white jury convicted them again.

The convictions and appeals went on for about 10 years, all defendants were eventually cleared for the nonexistent crime.

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Other News
1932 The movie Tarzan the Ape Man, starring Johnny Weismuller, opens
1955 The movie "Blackboard Jungle", which linked violence to Rock and Roll, was released.
1957 France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg sign The Treaty of Rome, establishing the 'European Economic Community' or the 'Common Market'.

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