23rd March
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1983 Man Fitted With First Artificial Heart Dies After 112 Days

His name was Barney Clark and he was a 61 year old dentist. It was fitted at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

He had to spend the last four months of his life in a hospital bed in considerable pain and remained on a life support system which pumped compressed air into his body.

The heart (a Jarvik-7) was fitted by a team led by Dr. William C. DeVries on December 2, 1982.

Artificial heart developments continues and in the 1990's the Jarvik-7 was temporarily fitted to around 150 patients until a real heart could be transplanted. More than half of those fitted with artificial hearts lived until a transplant heart could be found.

Today research is going into developing a smaller heart pump.

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Other News
1925 The teaching of Evolution is banned in schools in Tennessee after the "Monkey Trial".
1940 First episode of popular "Truth or Consequences" is broadcast on the radio.
1983 President Ronald Reagan announces his "Star Wars" defense plan.

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