2nd March
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1836 Texas Proclaims It's Independence From Mexico

Washington-on-the-Brazos: A meeting of American Texans declares David Burnet as provisional president and Sam Houston as commander in chief. The adopted constitution allowed slavery, something that Mexican law prohibited.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Santa Anna's (dictator of Mexico) siege of the Alamo (a military compound settled by American Texans) continued, and the fort's 185 or so American defenders waited for the Mexican retaliation.

March 6th, Santa Anna ordered the storming of the Alamo which lead to the deaths of most of the inhabitants, save for a few women and children.

Six weeks later, Sam Houston led a large Texan army which surprised Santa Anna's army at San Jacinto.

Shouting "Remember the Alamo!" the Texans defeated the Mexicans and captured Santa Anna. The Mexican dictator was forced to recognize Texas' independence and withdrew his forces south of the Rýo Grande.

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Other News
1923 Time magazine appears on the newsstands for the first time.
1944 The first televised Academy Awards. Jack Benny hosted the show from Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. The networks weren't interested in the show, and it was only broadcast locally.
1970 Ian Smith declares Rhodesia (to become Zimbabwe) a republic

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