18th March
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1968 Mel Brooks' "The Producers" Opens

The movie 'The Producers', starring Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, was to win the Best Screenplay Oscar for its Actor Director Mel Brooks.

The story, which follows two producers of a Broadway show who believe they can make more money out of a flop than a hit, was subsequently made into a smash hit Broadway Musical and movie.

The highlight of the original movie was the song "Springtime for Hitler" which set the Third Reich to music in one of the funniest bad taste World War Two Nazi comedy moments ever seen.

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Wilson Pickett
John Updike
Peter Graves
Other News

1959 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a bill into law that approves statehood for Hawaii. (Hawaii was to officially becomes a state of the USA on August 21, 1959.)

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