17th March
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1985 Los Angeles Terrorized By "The Night Stalker"

Richard Ramirez starts his spree of killing (12 dead, more sexually assaulted) which was to terrorize the city of Los Angeles for most of the summer. On this day he killed his first two victims.

Ramirez would dress in all black clothing and wear an AC/DC cap, cruising the freeways looking for his victims. He would play the AC/DC album 'Highway to Hell' in the car, his favorite track reportedly being "Night Prowler."

In his first attack, he followed his victim home, walked up to her in her driveway and shot her in the face. Luckily the bullet was deflected by the keys she held in the hands which she lifted to protect herself. She played dead, but when Ramirez entered her home he found another woman whom he killed. He then went on to kill another woman that night.

He left two clues, the AC/DC hat and a size 11 and a half Avia sneaker. This evidence was later to trap him when he moved his murderous activity to San Francisco.

Ramirez had a pattern to his attacks. He would break into the house, shoot the man and then tie up the woman before raping her. He would make his female victims swear allegiance to Satan. He also carved pentagrams on the walls...

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