16th March
It was on this day...
1964 Beatles Release Album "Can't Buy Me Love"

The album was to break a number of sales records such as the largest advance selling record in history, with 2.1mn advance sales.

My mid-April the Beatles had an amazing 14 singles in the Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record held by Elvis Presley.

It was on this day...
1968 US troops attack villagers in My Lai 4, South Vietnam

A platoon of US soldiers kill between 200 to 500 unarmed villagers in a cluster of villages known as My Lai 4.

My Lai 4 was a known haven for enemy Viet Cong guerillas but when the troops arrived all they found were women, children and old men. So they took out their anger on them.

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Other News
1971 Simon and Garfunkel win the Best Album and Best Record Grammy for a Bridge Over Troubled Water.
1977 Alex Haley sues Doubleday over alleging that they didn't do enough to promote the paper back of his novel

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