10th March
It was on this day...
1876 First Telephone Call

One of the best documented telephone calls in history occurred on this day when Alexander Graham Bell telephoned his assistant in another room with the now immortal phrase:

"Mr. Watson, come here; I want you."

Bell had received patent Number 174,465 for the telephone technology just three days before. He beat an American inventor, Elisha Gray, by only a few hours.

It was on this day...
1964 First Ford Mustang Made

The Ford Mustang was the company's attempt to create a sporty smaller car inexpensive enough for young cars buyers. Lee Iacocca, the legendary figure in US car history, was one of the car's biggest publicists, managing to create a media storm on its release to the public in April 1964.

The car cost $2,368, but buyers then had to pay for extras, the average for which was over $1,000.

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Other News

1862 The first paper money in the United States is issued.

1938 For the first time since they started in 1927, the Oscars are kept secret prior to the ceremony.

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