6th June
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1949: 1984 Is Published

The novel, 1984, was written by George Orwell (real name: Eric Blair). It introduced the world to the concept of "Big Brother" - an intrusive Government completely in control of it's population.

The politically left-wing Orwell, had spent time in London as a tramp and concentrated his attention on the plight of the poor. He died of tuberculosis in 1950.

It was on this day...
1966 Black Civil Rights Leader, James Meredith, Is Shot, Wounded

James Meredith, 32, was the first black man to brave the color bar at the University of Mississippi, in 1961 (after President Kennedy sent in 3,000 troops to quell the resulting riot). He was shot at Hernando, Mississippi, by Aubrey James Norvell, 41, from Memphis.

The shooting happened just 30 miles in, on the second day of a 220 mile protest walk ("March Against Fear") in which Meredith planned to walk from Memphis to Jackson.

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1933 The USA's first drive-in opens in Camden, New Jersey. It allowed 400 cars to see the film.

1944 The D-Day landings of German occupied France, begins with 150,000 troops involved.

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