28th June
It was on this day...
1914 World War One Is Triggered

The event that would lead to the outbreak of World War 1 a month later, occurred on this day. Gavrilo Princip, a Serb nationalist, assassinated Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinand.

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, setting into train the Great War as the other powers in Europe met their complex, and sometimes secret, defense treaty obligations.

It was on this day...
1919 World War One Ends, Keynes Predicts Dire Consequences For The Sanctions Against Germany

John Maynard Keynes made one of the most foresightful predictions in modern economic history, on this day, when he predicted that the punitive sanctions meted out to Germany as WW1 ends would lead to problems later on for Central Europe.

The German economy would eventually collapse with the country unable to pay the imposed war reparations.

Germany was being bled dry by the allies and, in 1923, France and Belgium invaded the industrial Ruhr region as a means of forcing payment.

Hitler would use this dissatisfaction at home to gain power and ultimately lead to World War 2.

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Other News

1928 Louis Armstrong records "West End Blues", one of the earliest jazz hits.

1939 The first transatlantic air service begins. It was between New York to Lisbon, Portugal, and Marseilles, France.

1965 The first US led assault in the Vietnam war occurred on this day when troops attacked Viet Cong Zone D, 20 miles northeast of Saigon.

1972 President Nixon stops draftees being sent to Vietnam

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