18th June
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1815 Napoleon Defeated At Waterloo By The Allies

Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean following a string of military defeats, in 1814.

He escaped back to France in early 1815 and set up a new regime. He, and his newly formed troops, then marched into Belgium.

June 16, 1815: Napoleon had defeated the Prussians and sent 33,000 men to pursue them.

June 18, 1815: He lead his remaining 72,000 troops against the Duke of Wellington's 68,000 troops which had dug in some 12 miles south of Brussels, near the village of Waterloo.

Napoleon waited until midday to attack Wellington's outnumbered forces, but this delay proved fatal. The Prussians, being pursued on the 16th, by late afternoon on the 18th had regrouped, and attacked Napoleon on his eastern flank.

The French attack soon crumbled.


The allies lost about 23,000 men.

France: 25,000 men killed and wounded, 9000 captured.

Napoleon surrendered to the British on July 15 and was exiled to Saint Helena.

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