5th July
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1989 Irangate - Oliver North Avoids Prison

Col Oliver NorthThe Iran-Contra affair: Colonel Oliver North, 45, was convicted of 3 out of 12 charges relating to the USA's support for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua in the mid 1980's (the three charges were 1) falsifying and destroying documents, 2) obstructing Congress and 3) illegally receiving the gift of a security fence around his home in Virginia.) He was a White House aide during this time.

North received a suspended 3 year sentence, 1200 hours community service and a $150,000 fine.

His service pension ($23,000 pa) was also suspended.

In his summing up, the judge, Judge Gerhard Gesell, described North as a

"low-ranking subordinate who was carrying out the instructions of a few cynical superiors."

North said:

"I recognize that I made many mistakes that resulted in my conviction of serious crimes... I grieve every day."

North's boss, National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane, was sentenced to community service.

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