28th July
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1990 Fizzy Drink Found Containing Liquid Cocaine

A man died after drinking it, on this day. He was Maximo Menendez. The drink was a Columbian drink called Pony Malta de Bavaria. It was consumed in Miami, Florida.

Officials at the USA's FDA discovered that the drink had been laced with the liquid cocaine by smugglers who intended to extract the substance from the drink to sell on in a crystallized form.

The drink was withdrawn from stores. 45 other similarly laced bottles were found.

Two men were charged for this offense in May 1994.

Other innovative ways to smuggle, attempted in the early 1990's, include:

October 1990: A Nigerian man swallowed cocaine in balloons. (One of the balloons burst in his stomach so he needed an operation to save his life.)

A man entering Puerto Rico had packages of cocaine implanted under the skin of his thighs.

Authorities found a shipment of yams had been hollowed out and filled with drugs.

In 1991 a number of dog carriers from Columbia were found to be made out of cocaine and fiberglass.

Also in 1991, a cast iron oven from Turkey was found to have 700 kilos of hashish inside.

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1945 14 are killed when a B-25 bomber crashes into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building.

1976 Two earthquakes, measuring 7.8 and 8.2, in China, could have killed more than 500,000 in the worst earthquake disaster in modern history. The official estimate of the number of deaths from the Chinese authorities was 242,000. The number of causalities was especially large because the quake occurred at 3:42am when people were at home asleep.

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