24th July
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1959, 1974 Richard Nixon Double Bill...

1959 Vice President Richard Nixon, whilst on an 11-day state visit to the Soviet Union, was drawn into an impromptu public debate with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on the merits of communism versus capitalism.

Khrushchev was keen to show Nixon that communism offered it's people the very latest in householding gadgets, such as toasters and fruit juicers.

They argued in the kitchen exhibit at an American Trade Fair in Moscow.

1974 Watergate. The United States Supreme Court orders President Richard Nixon to hand over the tape recordings of conversations he held on the Watergate affair.

Nixon had claimed Executive Privilege, but this was denied by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.

Nixon said he would comply...

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1938 First recording of "Begin the Beguine" made by Artie Shaw in New York.

1956 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis perform their last comedy show together, at New York's Copacabana Club.

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