23rd July
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1918 "I like to attend funerals" Serial Killer Starts Her Killing Spree

Della Sorenson, from Nebraska, was to go on to kill 7 others. On this day she killed her first: she poisoned her sister-in-law's infant daughter, Viola Cooper. Over the next seven years other people known to Sorenson died mysteriously, but nobody made the link to her until 1925...

She killed her mother-in-law, her own daughter and husband. She married again after just 4 months. Her former sister-in-law came to visit and her child was poisoned - she came back again later in the year completely unawares with another child but the second time the poison didn't work.

The alarm bells started to ring with the authorities after a suspected poisoning attempt on her second husband left him sick, but not dead.

She was finally arrested in 1925 after an attempt to poison some children in the neighborhood, with spiked cookies, failed. She made a confession and said:

"I like to attend funerals. I'm happy when someone is dying."

She was sent to the state mental asylum.

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