17th July
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1955 Disneyland Opens

It cost $17 million to build, on 160 acres of land, formerly orange groves, in Anaheim, 25 miles south east of Los Angeles.

The venture would become one of the company's most profitable ventures, and redefine leisure destinations for ever more.

Today, 1955, the first day it was open, was by special invite only. Unfortunately thousands of these invites had been counterfeited and many many more visitors were allowed into the park than were anticipated: the food ran out, the asphalt on Main Street was still wet (a visitor's high heel got stuck) and the Mark Twain Steamboat almost capsized with too many passengers...

Not withstanding these teething troubles, the park was so successful that it led to the creation of other sites around the world:

Walt Disney World opened in Florida on October 1, 1971.

Disneyland, Tokyo, opened in 1983.

Disneyland, Paris, opened in 1992.

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