13th July
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1985 Live Aid Concert

The Live Aid concert will probably be remembered as the Woodstock of the 1980's. It consisted, mainly, of a televised concert in Wembley Stadium, London, and the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. The point of the concert was to raise money for one of the worst famines ever seen in Africa.

The Live Aid concert was the brainchild of Boomtown Rats lead singer, Bob Geldof, whose enthusiasm for the concert was probably the main reason that the whole thing ever actually happened.

The total amount raised would be around $50million (£30million).

The technical achievement of the BBC in pushing this concert to over 1.5billion homes in 160 country should not be underestimated. They were working at the very extremes of the technology of the day, and the amount of preparation for the concert was minimal.

The day began in London at 12 midday with a fanfare for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Status Quo sang first: "Rocking All Over The World".

Acts on the bill included David Bowie, Wham and Dire Straits. In fact anyone who was anyone in 1985's pop world were part of this event.

On the US concert acts included Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys and a young Madonna.

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