8th January
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1941 William Randolph Hearst bans Citizen Kane ads in his papers
William Randolph Hearst, owner of the Hearst Newspaper chain, has banned any ads for the upcoming movie Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles. The movie, set to be released later in the year, follows the life of Charles Foster Kane, a character widely recognized as being Hearst. Welles, 25, threatened legal action in March of 1941 to stop the movie being suppressed. It was released to wide acclaim on 1st May 1941.
It was on this day...
1969 Husband Reported Missing in Virginia's McKown Case

Tim McKown, a Marine who had recently returned from Vietnam, has been reported missing from his Chesapeake, Virginia, home by his 22-year-old wife, Cara. His wife could give no explanation for his disappearance.

In March 1969, a headless corpse was found in the Elizabeth River, near Portsmouth, Virginia. The body had a chunk cut out of his thigh where a birthmark was, and he was wrapped in a quilt which the police were able to 'connect' with Cara. It turns out that Cara had a lover and they killed him.

At the trial tales of their sex life shocked the world. Both Cara and her lover were convicted of murder.

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1935 Elvis Presley
1969 R Kelly
1947 David Bowie
1946 Robby Krieger
1942 Stephen Hawking
1937 Shirley Bassey
1926 Soupy Sales
1924 Ron Moody
Other News
1790: President George Washington delivers the first State of the Union speech.
1993: Elvis stamp issue - the first time a rock musician is featured on a postage stamp in the USA - in commemoration of his 58th birthday.
1889: American inventor Herman Hollerith patents his electric counting machine.
1961: French vote for Algerian freedom.

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