6th January
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2001 Congress certifies Bush winner of 2000 elections
Presiding over the Senate, Presidential Candidate Al Gore, certifies George W Bush as the victor in one of the closest presidential ballots in US history. The deceleration was 5 weeks late because of disputed ballots in Florida. Gore became only the third candidate to win the popular vote, but not get into the White House. The final result was 271 to Bush, 266 to Gore, after the deciding 25 Florida votes went to Bush after a manual recount was denied by the Supreme Court.
It was on this day...
1977 EMI fires Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols, a punk group which came to notoriety in the UK for their anarchist views and strong language, were fired on this day by EMI, their record label, after an alleged incident at Heathrow Airport in which they were said to have sworn and spat at each other.

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1971 Joey Lauren Adams
1957 Nancy Lopez
1955 Rowan Atkinson
1946 Syd Barrett
1913 Loretta Young
1412 Joan of Arc
Other News
1936: Porky Pig debuts in Warner Brother's cartoon "Gold Diggers of '49."
1973: Adolf Hitler's car is sold (for $153K, a record at the time)
1917: A gold plated car, a Studebaker touring sedan, was put on show at the New York Automobile Show

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