4th January
It was on this day...
1954 Elvis Presley records demo
Elvis Presley paid $4 to Sun Records to record two songs for his mother's birthday on this day. The songs were 'Casual Love Affair' and 'I'll Never Stand In Your Way'. An office assistant was so impressed she gave a copy of the recording to studio executive Sam Phillips who asked Presley to audition. The clincher was when Presley performed the rhythm and blues song 'That's All Right'. This song was recorded and released and immediately charted well in Memphis.
It was on this day...
1950 RCA Victor announces LP
RCA Victor announces that it is to start manufacturing a new long playing record. The 12 inch vinyl record played for 23 minutes each side when spun at 33 rpm, as opposed to 4 minutes when played at 78 rpm. It was a bold move and it took the rest of the industry several years to standardize to this format.

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1960 Michael Stipe
1958 Matt Frewer
1937 Dyan Cannon
1935 Floyd Patterson
1914 Jane Wyman
1905 Sterling Holloway
1835 Charles Stratton
1809 Louis Braille
Other News
1936: Billboard magazine publishes it's first pop music chart
1935: Bob Hope's radio debut

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