30th January
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1969 The Beatles Last Public Appearance

The Beatles were to play their last public concert on the roof of their London recording studio on this day. The police were called because of the noise and proceeded to break the concert up.

John Lennon's final announcement to the crowd was:

"I'd like to say thank you very much on behalf of the group and myself and I hope we passed the audition."

The band formally broke up in April 1970.

It was on this day...
1948 'Mahatma' Gandhi Assassinated

On a visit to New Delhi, 'Mahatma' Gandhi was shot by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extremist who objected to Gandhi's tolerance for Muslims.

Mahatma means 'the great soul'.

Gandhi's peaceful civil disobedience techniques, used so successfully against the British occupation of India, was to inspire civil rights campaigners around the world.

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1974 Christian Bale
1958 Brett Butler
1951 Phil Collins
1942 Marty Balin
1941 Dick Cheney
1937 Vanessa Redgrave
1930 Gene Hackman
1922 Dick Martin
1882 Franklin D Roosevelt

Other News
1933 Adolf Hitler named Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg
1957 The United Nations General Assembly calls on South Africa to reconsider its apartheid policies
1965 Funeral of Winston Churchill

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