27th January
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1978 The "Dracula Killer"

Richard Chase, 28, the "Dracula Killer", murders Evelyn Miroth and Daniel Meredith in Sacramento, California. Chase sexually assaulted Miroth with a knife before killing her and mutilates her body. He removed some of her organs and filled them with blood. Meredith was shot in the head.

Chase was found in a field, naked and covered in cow's blood. It transpires that he had porphyria, the need to drink blood.

As a child, Chase had killed animals, including drinking the blood of a bird. He had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for most of his life, but had been released after his psychiatrist believed he could control his problem.

When police went to search his house, they found his home filled with human blood. It was found in a blender and in the sinks.

Chase went on trial in 1979 but his attorney argued that he was insane. A jury disagreed, and sentenced him to life in prison. He killed himself in his cell at San Quentin on 26th December 1980.

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Other News
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