23rd January
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1991 Conviction of Policeman's Killers on Videotaped Evidence

Police officer Darrell Lunsford from Garrison, Texas, is killed but his murder is caught on the video camera in his police car. This is the first time such evidence was used to successfully convict such a crime and since then it has been widely used.

It was on this day...
1992 Hal Roach is awarded a medal by the Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institution awards producer, director, and screenwriter Hal Roach its highest honor, the James Smithson Medal. The medal was awarded about a week after Roach's 100th birthday and only 10 months before his death.

Roach was a major figure in the early years of silent comedy. He hired Harold Lloyd, Will Rogers, Edgar Kennedy, Laurel and Hardy, Jean Harlow, Mickey Rooney, Charlie Chase, and Zasu Pitts.

Roach won Oscars for two shorts, The Music Box in 1932 and Bored of Education in 1936. [links: pdcomedy.com]

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1969 Brendan Shanahan
1947 Dr Laura Schlessinger
1944 Rutger Hauer
1933 Chita Rivera
1919 Ernie Kovacs
1832 Edouard Manet

Other News
1973 President Nixon announces "peace with honor" in Vietnam.
1975 Barney Miller premieres on ABC.
1977 Roots premieres
1989 Salvador Dalí, Spanish painter, writer, and surrealist, dies in Figueras, Spain, at the age of 84.

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