21st January
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1993 Exorcism of Joan Vollmer

Antwerp, Australia: Joan's husband, Ralph, a pig farmer, was concerned at his wife's strange behavior so tied her to the bed. She escaped. He consulted his bible and decided she needed to be exorcised. Leah Clugston, a local expert who had diagnosed a large number of people in Antwerp as suffering from demonic possession, was called. After a week of trying to beat the daemons out of her, the call went out to another exorcist, Matthew Nuske.

Nuske ordered that Joan be bound to the fireplace, and the entire house be wrapped in Glad Wrap to protect its inhabitants. During the exorcism two assistants kicked and beat Joan, and Nuske slammed the bible into her face. She died.

For the next three days the beatings continued. A local priest was called and he called the police. Four were charged with manslaughter. (Facts taken from historychannel.com)

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