2nd January
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1979 Sid Vicious on trial
On 2nd January 1979, 21 year old Punk Rocker Sid Vicious (real name John Simon Ritchie) began his trial for the murder of his manager and girlfriend Nancy Spungen. He came to fame as a member of The Sex Pistols (who broke up the year before). The Sex Pistols were a pivotal band in the early years of British Punk, a reaction to mainstream middle of the road music, one of their widely banned hits was God Save The Queen, released to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee in 1977. When Vicious was freed on bail on 2nd February he attended a party at his new girlfriend's house and injected a lethal amount of heroin.
It was on this day...
1974 Nixon signs national speed limit into law
As a reaction to the substantial rise in gas prices, President Nixon imposes a national speed limit of 55mph (on national highways) by signing The Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act. Prior to the Act, States determined the speed limits in their own borders which ranged from 40 to 80 mph.

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1969 Christy Turlington
1968 Cuba Gooding Jr
1967 Tia Carrere
1961 Gabrielle Carteris
1952 Alan Beckwith
1936 Roger Miller
1920 Isaac Asimov
Other News
1890: US President Benjamin Harrison welcomes Alice Sanger as the first female White House staff member
1959: The Soviets launch Luna I, the first spacecraft bound for the moon
1941: Andrews Sisters record "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"

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