7th February
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1964 The Beatles Arrive In New York

Beatlemania greets Liverpool band The Beatles (aka 'The Fab Four'), who arrive at JFK Airport on Pan Am's 'Yankee Clipper', flight 101, from London Heathrow. The group were number one in the pop charts with "I want to hold your hand". 3,000 screaming fans provided the welcoming committee onto American soil for the very first time.

The quartet were Paul McCartney, age 21, Ringo Starr, 23, John Lennon, 23, and George Harrison, 20. The Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, although it was difficult to hear what they were playing because the audience were screaming. 73 million people, 40% of the possible audience, tuned in to the show.

It was on this day...
1968 Earliest Example of Forensic Evidence Convicting a Murderer

Claire Josephs was found dead by her husband, Bernard, her throat slashed and severed from the spine at their Bromley, England, home. No murder weapon was found in the house, however police pieced together the crime from the evidence they found at the scene.

It appeared that Claire had been preparing a meal, and, as there was no sign of a forced entry, and a half finished cup of coffee, police believed Claire knew her assailant.

Roger Payne, a friend of Claire and Bernard with an earlier conviction for assaulting women, had scratches on his hands and his alibi did not stand up.

Forensics found over 60 cerise woolen fibers in the lining of Payne's laundered clothing, the same fibers of Claires clothing at the time of the murder. Additional fiber's were found in Paynes car, along with Claire's blood type.

Payne was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in May 1968.

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Other News
1884 The last legal bare-knuckle fight in the USA is fought in Mississippi City, Mississippi. John L. Sullivan retains his heavyweight belt, he defeated Jake Kilrain.
1904 The Great Baltimore Fire begins
1914 Charlie Chaplin debuts as "The Tramp"
1984 Bruce McCandless floats unteathered from the Challenger Space Shuttle, the first time this feat had been attempted.
1992 Maastricht treaties make European Union official.
1993 Lillian Gish, the first lady of the silent screen, dies.

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