28th February
It was on this day...
1993 Branch Davidian Compound Is Raided

Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas: agents of the US Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raid the Christian cult's building in an attempt to seize illegal firearms and explosives. Four agents were killed, 15 were injured in the largest, most costly, operation the department had ever undertaken. Six Branch Davidians were killed, many more were injured, including David Koresh, the cult's leader, whose teachings included that the Bible's Book of Revelation was about to come true.

The FBI took over. A seven week stand off then began.

The situation came to an all out assault on 18th April when FBI agents used tear gas to storm the building. The compound erupted into flames.

Koresh and at least 80 of his followers, including 22 children, died during the second assault on Mount Carmel.

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