2nd February
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1922 Murderous Hollywood...

Film director William Desmond Taylor, 58, is found dead on this day at his Los Angeles bungalow with a bullet in his back. On their arrival, the police discover actors, actresses and studio executives, rummaging through the director's belongings...

The case became a national scandal, but nobody has ever been charged for the murder.

There may be some evidence pointing to Mary Miles Minter's mother, Charlotte Selby. According to reports of Minter's unpublished autobiography, she admits to being at Taylor's bungalow with her mother on the day of the killing. Some sources claim that her mother caught Minter and Taylor at his house together and killed him. Selby is said to have never approved of their relationship.

After his death, a love letter from Minter to Taylor was found, along with Minter's nightgown. It was also discovered that Minter once tried to kill herself with the same type of gun used to kill Taylor.

Selby had, it is reported, previously threatened the life of another director who had made a pass at her daughter. Additionally, Selby's alibi witness is alleged to have received suspiciously large sums of money after the murder...

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