17th February
It was on this day...
1992 Jeffrey Dahmer, Cannibal, Jailed For Life 15 Times Over

One of the most gruesome trials in history ends with Dahmer being jailed on this day without any hope of parole.

After sentence was passed he told the court:

"I never wanted freedom. Frankly, I wanted death for myself. I knew I was sick or evil or both.

"Doctors have told me about my sickness and now I have some peace. I know how much harm I have caused. I feel so bad for what I did to those poor families."

Dahmer preyed on young, gay, black men, which he drugged with sleeping pills and practiced crude lobotomies on the brains of three of them. Body parts of his victims were found around his flat.

Dahmer attempted to claim he suffered from necrophilia, a compulsive desire to have sex with corpses.

It was on this day...
1927 Studios Undecided Over Audio In Movies

Many of the major studios announced that they had agreed to postpone going over to talkies whilst they decide which sound system to go with, on this day. It was decided that they would all agree to use the same system.

However, Warner Brothers, who were not part of the agreement, released a sound version of The Jazz Singer in October, thus becoming the first studio to release a sound movie..

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Other News

1801 Deadlock over Presidential Election ends with Thomas Jefferson becoming the third president of the USA. He beat Aaron Burr.

1979 China invades Vietnam

1982 Director and drama coach Lee Strasberg dies, age 80. He founded the school of 'method acting'.

1986 Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist, wins the National Book Critics Circle Award

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