13th February
It was on this day...
1898 First Auto Accident Death In UK

The first person to die in a road accident in the UK was Henry Lindfield of Brighton, England. He died on this day.

It was on this day...
1939 Gone With the Wind Director, George Cukor, Fired

The producer, David O. Selznick, was said to be unhappy with the speed of filming and with reported conflicts with Clark Gable, the star of the movie.

Cukor was replaced with Victor Fleming, who was to be awarded the Best Director Oscar for the movie.

It was on this day...
1945 Dresden Destroyed

One of the most controversial episodes of the allied attack on Germany in the Second World war begins on this day.

Dresden, an historic German city ("the Florence of the Elbe") was neither a war production center or an area of significant industrial production, however, it was flattened by UK and US bombers dropping incendiary bombs. Estimates are of between 35,000 to 135,000 dead.

The Allies claimed that by bombing Dresden, they were disrupting important lines of communication that would have hindered the Soviet advance. It is also arguable that this attack led to an earlier surrender of Germany than would otherwise have occurred.

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Other News

1895 Louis and August Lumiere patent movie camera-projector the 'Cinematographe'

1958 T-Bird (Ford Thunderbird) gets four seats. It has since become a classic of American culture immortalized in such movies as Grease.

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