9th December
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1993 Astronauts Repair Telescope/Satellite Hubble

The last of five space walks finally fixes the problems with the Hubble telescope.

The Hubble telescope had a design flaw - the main mirror was said to be flatter than it should have been. It was only out by 1/50th of the width of a human hair, but the result was it was only as good as an earth based telescope which was a major embarrassment for NASA who had spent $1.55bn on the project.

The main flaw was rectified, apparently, by placing on it a sort of contact lens which corrected the defect. The astronauts also fixed around 10 other defects.

Due to the rotation of the planet, the astronauts (Story Musgrave and Jeff Hofman) traveled at 17,000 miles an hour while correcting the telescope. They were 360 miles above the Earth's surface.

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1987 Intifada (which translates as 'shaking off' in Arabic) is declared in the Gaza Strip.

1992 The UK's Prime Minister John Major announces that Princess Diana and Prince Charles are to separate.

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