31st December
It was on this day...

1879 Public Get To See A Street Lit Entirely By Electric Light Bulbs

Special train services were arranged to enable the public to see what must have been a truly amazing sight for the first time. A street lit up by electric light bulbs.

It was built in Thomas Edison's development park, Menlo Park, New Jersey, and was opened to the public on this day.

The incandescent light bulb had been invented 40 years before, but nobody until Edison could produce a working design.

It was on this day...

1775 British Forces Defend Quebec Against US Patriot Attack

It happened during the American Revolutionary War.

US forces had begun a bombardment of Quebec when, on 2nd December, American generals Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery, had demanded a surrender from the Governor of Quebec, Sir Guy Carleton. Carleton refused.

The US Patriots attempted a full on assault on the city under cover of a blizzard on this day, in 1775. It was repelled and Montgomery was killed.

The US patriots were forced to retreat.

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Other News

1946 World War II has officially ended, says US President Harry Truman.

1968 Soviets test the "Konkordski", a supersonic airliner TU-144. The test flight was several months before the Anglo-French project 'Concorde', and looked remarkably similar.

1978 United States ends official relations with Nationalist China (Taiwan).

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