27th December
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1922 Parcel Bomb Kills One, Maims Another

Yet another example of how horrible crimes are not a recent occurrence...

On this day, in 1922, Clementine Chapman opens what she believed to be a late Christmas present. It was, in fact, a parcel bomb. She was killed, and her husband, James, was maimed.

Luckily for the police, they were able to piece together the note in the parcel.

Police immediately realised they were looking for a Swedish person due to the fact that whoever sent the parcel had misspelled the 'Marshfield' address as 'Marsfilld'. It was thought that a Swede would spell things phonetically in this way.

They were proved right. They were also able to determine where the parcel had been posted from, it was from the home of a Thorval Moen.

However, Mr Moen had an alibi.

The search went on for another Swedish immigrant. Attention soon focused on a John Magnuson, who had a well known feud with James Chapman.

Police searched Magnuson's home and found materials that were also in the bomb, and an ink bottle that matched the ink on the parcel.

Magnuson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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