15th December
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1988 James Brown, Soul Legend, Goes To Prison

The prison was the State Park Correctional Institute in South Carolina, James Brown was inmate number 155413.

Brown had several run-ins with the police in the summer of 1988, but the events on 24th September ended up in a prison term.

Brown apparently entered an insurance seminar in Augusta Georgia, with a shotgun, and then told everyone to leave. He then got into his pickup truck and tried to evade police in a chase. He drove from South Carolina to Georgia. Police had shot out three of his tires but he continued to drive. He stopped in a ditch. In his defense, his wife told officers that Brown was on medication and was 'not in his right mind'.

There were claims that police acted unethically during events leading up to his arrest. James brown said that he surrendered to a black officer, but then white officers began breaking Brown's windows in his truck, so Brown, fearing for his life, took off. The black officer supported Brown's version of the events.

James Brown was sentenced to 6 years 6 months. He was released after 3 years.

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