13th December
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2003 Saddam Hussein Captured

It had taken the USA and their allies since March to find him.

War had been declared by the USA on Iraq on 20th March 2003, following years in which Saddam Hussein appeared to be hiding weapons of mass destruction from UN weapons inspectors.

Hussein was found hiding in an 6/8 feet deep hole ("spider hole"), outside his hometown of Tikrit.

It was on this day...

1989 The Original 'Queen Of Mean' Is Sent To Prison

She was Leona Helmsley, and once quipped that "only the little people pay taxes".

She was sentenced to 4 years, 750 hours community service and $7.1mn for tax fraud.

Her husband, Harry, was believed to have a property portfolio of up to $10bn.

She was released from jail in 1994.

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1621 The first American furs are exported from the colonies to England.

1642 Abel Tasman discovers New Zealand, the first European to see the islands.

1937 "The Rape of Nanking" during the Sino-Japanese War: the Japanese take over the Chinese capital and set about destroying it.

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