3rd August
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1958 First Undersea Voyage Under North Pole

It was achieved by US nuclear submarine, the Nautilus. It didn't stay there, it was part of a trip between Point Barrow, Alaska, and Iceland. The trip itself pioneered a new, faster, route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The captain announced the sub was under the North pole at 11:15 p.m. EDT.

It was on this day...
1492 Christopher Columbus sets Sail for China

He set off from the port of Palos in Spain. The expedition consisted of three ships: Santa María, the Pinta, and the Niña

The point of the expedition was to find a western sea route to China and India and the 'gold and spice' islands of Asia.

He returned with gold, spices, and "Indian" captives in March 1493.

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1936 Jesse Owens, USA, runs 10.3 sec in the 100-meters to get the first of his four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics.
1965 Vietnam: CBS TV shows video of the First Battalion, Ninth Marines setting fire to huts despite reports that the Viet Cong had moved on. It cause outrage at home and overseas.

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