23rd August
It was on this day...
1926 Rudolph Valentino Dies

He was one of the very first big screen idols. He died at the age of 31, of a ruptured ulcer.

The Italian born actor had developed a reputation as being a great screen lover.

Many of his fans were inconsolable, with suicide attempts linked to his death. 100,000 people lined the streets outside the church where the funeral service was held.

He was buried in Hollywood.

It was on this day...
1985 West German Spy Chief Defects To East Germany

It was revealed that Hans-Joachim Tiedge had defected to East Germany, on this day.

His treachery had lead to the rounding up of around 170 West German agents in East Germany in the 18 month period earlier.

Helmut Kohl, West German Chancellor, described the defection as "catastrophic"

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1305 William Wallace (as possibly seen in 'Braveheart') is executed in London for treason against King Edward I.

1821 Mexico receives independence from Spain after a lengthy rebellion.

1863 Outlaws attack Lawrence, Kansas, killing every man and boy in town.

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