2nd August
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1923 US President Warren G Harding Dies In Office

The 29th president of the USA died of a stroke (embolism) in San Francisco whilst he was on a tour of the West and Alaska. He was 58.

It is possible that his condition was brought about by worry that multiple scandals were about to break (which they did after his death).

It is suggested that he embarked on the tour of the West in order to avoid breaking charges of corruption in the Veterans Bureau and Justice Department, the Teapot Dome scandal, and the revelation of a number of his extramarital affairs.

Vice President Calvin Coolidge was sworn in by his father (a notary public) on 3rd August.

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Other News
1934 Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator ('Fuhrer') of Germany, following the death of president Paul von Hindenburg.
1939 Albert Einstein urges the US to develop atomic weapons, fearing the Germans were doing likewise.
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait.

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