9th April
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1959 NASA unveil the first Astronauts

The seven men were:

  • Scott Carpenter
  • L. Gordon Cooper Jr
  • John H. Glenn Jr
  • Virgil "Gus" Grissom
  • Walter Schirra Jr
  • Alan Shepard Jr
  • Donald Slayton

They were all trained test pilots and had been chosen to take part in Project Mercury set to launch into orbit in 1961.

It was on this day...
1984 Mysterious Murder In England

Horton, England: It was on this day that Margaret Backhouse was injured when a pipe bomb exploded as she started her car. Her legs took the blast and she survived.

A few days before the bomb, a worker, at the Backhouse's farm, had found a sheep's head impaled on a fence, with the words "You next" (which had the imprint of a doodle on it).

Margaret's husband, Graham, had made complaints to police over what he claimed to be a string of threats. He told them he had been feuding with Colyn Bedale-Taylor a neighbor. He refused police offers for protection.

April 30th, Bedale-Taylor was found dead at the Backhouse's farm, Graham Backhouse had been slashed badly in the face and chest. Backhouse claimed that Taylor had confessed to the pipe bomb attack; Taylor then slashed Backhouse with a Stanley knife - Backhouse ran, got his gun, and shot him, or so he claimed.

Police found some evidence linking Taylor to the bomb, however no evidence that Taylor owned the Stanley knife used in the attack. Backhouse' home was searched and a notebook with a doodle matching the doodle on the "You Next" note was found.

Backhouse's guilt was sealed when investigators discovered he had increased his wife's life assurance before the attack. Graham Backhouse was sentenced to life in prison.

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Other News

1962 West Side Story wins 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and Best Director.

1968 Martin Luther King, Jr, is buried in Atlanta, Georgia.

1970 Paul McCartney announces the official breakup of the Beatles.

1972 Jane Fonda wins Best Actress Oscar for the film Klute

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