5th April
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1994 Kurt Cobain Commits Suicide

The lead singer of Nirvana was actually found dead on 8th April 1994, by electrician Gary Smith, but it is believed Cobain actually died on this day.

There are some well publicized doubts on the official explanation for his death, however nothing has ever been proved.

The facts seem to be that Cobain had a drug problem and had been saved from overdose before. He had asked a friend to get him a gun. He had taken valium and heroin to near fatal levels on the day of his death. A suicide note was found quoting Neil Young: "better to burn out than to fade away."

It was on this day...
1859 Charles Darwin Sends Three Chapters of Origin Of Species To Publisher

Darwin had been working on his theory of natural selection for the best part of the previous 20 years. The book would become one of the most influential books ever published.

It would eventually appear in November 1859, selling out immediately.

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1614 Pocahontas marries John Rolfe

1931 Twentieth Century Fox drops John Wayne from its roster of actors

1965 My Fair Lady and Julie Andrews win at the Oscars

1976 American reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes dies in Houston, Texas

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